About Our Platform

The Blockchain Art Exchange is run by a team of highly specialised individuals with connections in the art world spanning generations, as such the Blockchain Art Exchange is primed to take this new market by storm. Our commitment to any artist and consumer is to provide the best technological solutions for art on the blockchain. We promise to continue to develop this amazing new frontier for the mutual benefit of all the players in the art market.

Please read our white paper for more information.

Sascha Bailey

Founder & CEO

Sascha Bailey has been working in art since leaving school at 16. he has run and managed art shows with the top UK artists including David Bailey and Brian Clarke.

Sascha also has a passion for blockchain his company the Something Else Collective being the first English gallery to accept bitcoin in 2013. Sascha’s mission has always been to help emerging creatives break into the artworld.

He still works with emerging artists with his company www.quiteuseless.uk.

Mimi Nishikawa

Founder & COO

Mimi Nishikawa has extensive knowledge and experience in a number of fields having worked for international law firms as Freshfields and Pinsent Masons, at JETRO dealing with international trades between Japan and the UK and running a private office advising HNWIs on a wide range of opportunities including investment and special asset purchases such as properties and artworks.

Jack Thomson

Founder & CMO

Jack Thomson is a Digital Marketer he has worked with Samsung, ADT/Tyco and London district governments.

Jack has also worked in art since 2015 managing the PR for several central London art shows. As well as creating a range of lightbox artworks himself based around Roman iconography.

Jonathan Hillson

CCO & Video Consultant

Jonathan Hillson is a professional video artist, he has Achieved recognition for his artwork in the form of two prizes.
Winning a Rowley award for achievements in Fine Art and also winning his university prize fund for his degree show work.
His main artwork is created in the medium of film, looking at the idea of a contemporary recreation of old masters works and the human form.
Collected by affordable art fair founder and art collector Will Ramsey.

Tim Allen

PR & Communication Advisor

Isaac Ramonet

Blockchain Lead Developer


Scanning Consultant

John Coates

Technology Advisor

Matthew Daly

Technology Advisor

Legendary Artists
David Bailey

Legendary Photographer - UK

Nicolas Dixon
Nicolas Dixon

Contemporary Artist - UK

Ernesto Romano

Contemporary Artist - Italy


Photographer - Switzerland

Bennjamin Lee

Contemporary Artist - Japan

Albert E Dean

Contemporary Artist - UK

Tom Hunt

Contemporary Artist - UK

Sarah Martin

Contemporary Artist - UK

Ollie Sylvester

Graffiti Artist - UK

Mia Wilkinson

Contemporary Artist - UK

John Luce Lockett

Classical Realism Artist 1952 - 2014

Charlie Harney

Contemporary Artist - UK

Fenton Bailey

Photographer - UK

artists: office@bae.sg

media: press@bae.sg

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