The Art Market Is Changing

The art market is changing creating more digital art than ever before. With new technology creating a whole new movement of artists. With this comes the issues around how we use or sell these new forms of digital art particularly ownership. With the Blockchain Art Exchange Infrastructure Art dealers and Artists will be able to publish or sell their digital artworks without fear of copying or the worry of damaging or destroying a beloved piece of art.

We take care of your creations allowing artists to archive their work, protect their IP, show proof of ownership and much more all on the Ethereum blockchain a ground-breaking technology, allowing for a secure record of scarce digital art.

Problems Artists Face

Damaged Artwork


Selling Friction




Fear Of Sharing Ideas

Vital Infrastructure

Utilising the best token standards, artists for the first time will be able to create crypto collectables from their artworks. Supporting a new wave of creatives in this new frontier market by producing vital infrastructure so that the next generation of artists can easily make use of this technology.


Create Digital Art Collectables

Utilising the Ethereum public blockchain artists will be able to create unique digital collectables as ERC Tokens from any artistic creation. We call them “Crypto Artefacts” they will all be completely unique artworks with high-resolution image files linked to them providing access to only the owner of the token on the Blockchain.


Archive Your Creations

Using our archive & our unique digital standard grading process, artists will be able to understand the objective aspects of digital artwork files. the artwork is graded and given a starting value after which it is sold via auction to archive a true market-driven price.

The metrics which we grade on include PPI, Colour metrics and codec for videos. This process gives art collectors an idea of the quality of the artwork they are buying and rewards artists for achieving the highest archive quality possible.


Protect your IP

The blockchain is the perfect record keeper, that creates a permanent record of ownership for your artwork on the Ethereum public blockchain, proving without any reasonable doubt who the original creator is. Protecting the IP of your art.


Our Digital Standard

Our digital standard is a grading process to help uploaders and collectors to get the best quality reference for any scan or any file type uploaded to the Blockchain Art exchange. This standard has been developed with industry experts in order to give the best objective standard for anything captured digitally.


Tokenise Your Collection

Unlock the potential value of your collection by tokenising any collection of unsold artworks on the Blockchain Art Exchange. With the market cap based on the objective value of your artworks from our grading. This will allow the artist to create concepts for collections they want to produce in real life. Investors then give funding and in return receive tokens that give them a percentage of the profit from sales of the tokenised art collection.

What If You Could Save It All?

Fire has destroyed so much art, recently the brazil national museum burnt down with 90% of the collection being lost. Events like these highlight the vital importance and need for a global archive of all human artistic history, just like the library of alexander but immutable and freely accessed by everyone in the world. With no central location so that no one point of failure exists, blockchain and peer to peer file systems can solve this so that nothing is ever lost to history again. On top of this artefacts or artworks saved onto blockchain have the added bonus of being able to hold a real value.

The Blockchain art exchange while being mostly about contemporary art, has a second more altruistic goal; A complete immutable repository of all human forms of expression from contemporary art to 3D scans of ancient monuments and everything in between. This is vital so that nothing else can ever be lost to history.

How To Submit

1. Submit Your Artwork to Our Team of Experts via our website.


2. The artwork is graded with our digital standard. Giving an objective price and grading.


3. The creation is given a certificate authenticity of which will always trace back to us via the blockchain proving authenticity.


4. The creation can now be exchanged instantly on the Blockchain Art Exchange platform.

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