The Blockchain Art Exchange Platfrom

We here at the blockchain art exchange believe that the most important people in art are the artist & the buyer. We provide an eCommerce platform for the buying and selling of art online giving digital artists & collectors brand-new toolkits when taking on the behemoth that is the art world in this modern era. Artists can create, archive and exchange art as crypto collectables and have the money received in Ethereum. Giving artists and buyers a new art exchange platform to profit from the digital art they create or own.


High Quality Archive

Access to the highest quality work, archived with standardised testing for all artistic creations uploaded. With no worry of loss of quality constantly maintained by our team of specialists. 

This standard will assure that all the artwork sold through Blockchain Art Exchange is of the highest quality, priced correctly, future proof and most importantly unique.


Our Algorithm

Our algorithm calculates the pricing of new artist’s artworks based on the objective quality of the files uploaded. 

Some people may ask why are we using a system based only on digital metrics? Why not build a database of the best art ever and an algorithm based on that to create a value? Well as fun as that sounds, it’s totally impractical.

Further, that would mean adding human biases into our system which would stifle creativity. A computer can’t see art just like justice is blind. Metrics can only be used to judge the objective quality of the image based purely on cold hard maths and not on the subjective quality of the artwork itself.


Auction Based Exchange

Using an auction-based exchange we will achieve true consumer-driven market valuations for artwork uploaded to our platform giving buyers more data and opportunity to make better decisions when buying art.

Charging only 35% for all primary sales and 4% for all secondary the Blockchain Art Exchange is the best choice for artists wanting to get into this new emerging market and for collectors to support the creators of the work they collect.

At the present moment, the art world is controlled by a few galleries and individuals and is far too centralised.

We will shift this balance of power into a far more decentralised market in the same manner that Netflix is shaking up the TV broadcasters or the way bitcoin is changing the banking system.

Video Art

Exchange Video art

Video art has always been problematic to exchange, sure for the primary sale a disk or USB stick will do just fine. The issue occurs when trying to sell the work to a secondary market, normally the artist would ask the buyer to sign a document promising not to reproduce the digital file.

This is not good enough, blockchain allows for the ownership and transfer of digital files,  video artists will finally be able to create a true market for video files without having to build custom hardware or using outdated Tec such as disks or usb sticks.


Stamp Of Approval

Our digital standard is the first ever test for reading the objective quality of digital art. This innovation allows a buyer to instantly judge the objective quality of an image, artwork or video without even seeing it.

Only the owner of the IP rights can make a digital collectable from an artwork. Users must also be verified to upload any art to our platform, proving provenance and IP.

Fair Royalty Payments

Receive Community Royalty Payments By Holding The Blockchain Art Exchange Token

Every time an artist sells a work on the Blockchain art exchange they will receive some Blockchain art exchange tokens; Holders of the Blockchain art exchange token will receive royalty payments from every artwork sale that happens on our exchange. So, the more you sell the larger the share of this royalty you will receive. At the same time, smaller emerging artists will be supported by royalties from the sales of more established artists.

Marginal Cost2

Sell artwork with low to zero marginal cost.

Selling artwork is costly, shipping, insurance and a gallery space to show the work all have massive costs associated. Selling artwork as tokens removes the need for these aspects. A physical artwork can still be attached to our crypto collectables which would make the difficulty in provenance tracking a thing of the past. But the artwork tokens are an asset in their own right and only cost an artist a small Ethereum fee and the price of taking a photo to upload.

Marginal Cost2
How To Submit

1. Submit Your Artwork to Our Team of Experts via our website.


2. The artwork is graded with our digital standard. Giving an objective price and grading.


3. The creation is given a certificate authenticity of which will always trace back to us via the blockchain proving authenticity.


4. The creation can now be exchanged instantly on the Blockchain Art Exchange platform.

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