Dear Artists & Creatives

So you would like to submit your artwork, great!

Have a quick read over the page here, it has all the information you will hopefully need for submission and at the bottom is the link to fill out the submission form and how to send us your artwork.

If you have any issues with submission please let us know and we will do our utmost to help you with the process.

We very much look forward to having you on the Blockchain Art Exchange platform and wish you all the best in your artistic endeavours.

Kind Regards Blockchain Art Exchange Team.

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Art is changing, many amazing digital art projects that have been launched in 2018 while some aim to provide new ways of tracing provenance, there are also companies that intend to and will change the game forever. Projects like ours lay the groundwork for a new way of exchanging and holding value in scarce collectable items.

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What Can We Do

Royalties Every Time Something Sells

Every time an artist sells work on our platform the artist will receive some of our tokens. Holders of our token will receive royalty payments from every artwork sale that happens on our platform.

Create Your Own Digital Collectable

Using the blockchain artists will be able to create a unique digital collectable as an ERC Tokens from any creation. We call them “Crypto Artefacts” they will all be completely unique artworks with high-resolution image files linked to them providing access to only the owner.

Unchangeable Sales Records

The blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that provides us with a way to create permanent records of sales, ownership & more for your digital work like never before.

Low Fees for All Artists

Selling artwork is costly, shipping insurance and a gallery space to show the work all have massive costs associated. Selling artwork as tokens on the blockchain removes the need. The artwork tokens are an asset in their own right and only cost an artist a small Ethereum fee and the price of taking a photo to upload.

Claim Your IP For Your Artwork

The Ethereum blockchain is the perfect record keeper, that creates a permanent record of ownership for your artwork. Proving without any reasonable doubt who the original creator is. Protecting the IP of your art.

Archive Your High Quality Artwork

Using our High-Quality archive & our unique digital grading process, artists will be able to understand the objective aspects of digital artwork files. This process gives art collectors an idea of the quality of the artwork they are buying and rewards artists for achieving the highest archive quality possible.

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Submit Your Artwork

The first step is to simply fill out our submission form.

Receive An Approval Email

Once you have submitted your artwork you will receive an approval email with instructions to how to set up your artist account.
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Link Your Meta Mask Wallet

Once your artist account is set up you have to link your metamask wallet to your artist account.

Share and Promote To Your Community

Get the message out there to your community. Share and promote to your fans that they can now invest in your digital art.

Relax Knowing Every Time The Artwork Sells You Get Paid

Sit back and relax and every time one of your artworks sell you get paid a royalty.

Submit Your Artwork Today

Want to join the Blockchain Art Exchange as an artist just submit your work via our form below.