Originally of Irish descent, Charlie Harney spent his life growing up in North London. This grimy city backdrop has had a profound influence upon his work. Harney lives between two worlds: the literal and the figurative.
Charlies work is nothing short of visionary in the sense that everything he creates has a clear idea and concept to explore. Charlies work while often exploring a simple idea takes on some of the most pressing issues of our time all from the proverbial man on the street point of view.

Working the graveyard shift at M&S by choice. Charlie uses the days to perfect his craft, constantly thinking of ways in which he could improve his work. Harney sees the world quite unlike any other person. Instead of the fixed buildings and never changing constructs.

Charlie’s world is in a constant state of flux.

This is what gives his work a personal aspect quite unlike that of any other artist. His art takes reference, in some way from the cubist period. But this is not where the true inspiration comes from. Charlie draws his visual representation of the ideas and thoughts that we all share. Whether it be that of people coming together in times of great hardship, the industrial revolution, or the future of humanity and space exploration. Charlie has a truly vestal heart and puts a great amount of importance on making the lives of those around him better in any way he can. Life to Charlie is not meant to be taken too seriously, some of his works explore that concept in depth. The works themselves mirror Charlie’s state of mind in that they have fun and colourful designs. His more recent works focusing on ideas of the future of humanity and space exploration. Harney’s work has developed vastly from what it was two years ago.

Before it was based on geometric patterns, simple yet beautiful black and white figurative works.

His new work reveals a thought process that can’t quite be put into words. Only by drawing or painting is it possible to sum up what he is trying to convey. Alongside these deep thoughts, Charlie also creates works which are a homage to his favourite actors and pop culture icons. Such as mark Wahlberg who now holds one of Charlie’s works in his private collection. Harney is what some may call an artist with no artistic reference. However, others would say that his reference is life, love and the mysteries of creation.

“I paint what I see, I paint the world the way I see it” – Charlie Harney
“Charlie Harney is the best emerging artist i have seen in the last decade” – David Bailey at a talk at the V & A in 2015