Dinner Shot at Longleat May 2009

“Dinner” this beautiful erotic photograph taken by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh in 2009. Of the now world-famous adult entertainer Alessa Savage, it is more than just a beautifully posed shot of an iconic figure. The setting is Lord Baths Manor a cousin of the Queen no less and was taken after a long night of partying. At first glace this image may seem to show Alessa crawling towards what appears to be a man. However, on closer inspection you will find only women are featured in this work, even the photographer Mairi is female.

This artwork was featured in the first ever show our CEO worked on human relations and is the only edition left all physical ones have been sold. This is the only remaining work totally unique with ownership enforced by Blockchain and will never degrade due to its digital format.

Mairi’s collectors include Damien Hirst, who collected 3 artworks from Mairi’s first sell out show in central London “Human relations”. This show was met with great critical acclaim for both its bravery and message of female empowerment.

The image shown above is a low-resolution JPEG and is not the final work. Upon buying the work you will receive a token into your meta mask Ethereum wallet ownership of this token will grant access to the high-resolution archive quality file.This digital work is totally unique and a true opportunity to own a not only unique artwork from an artist collected by some of the top collectors in the industry. But also, a piece of Alessa’s history as one of the first times she posed for the camera.

Alessa’s IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6483774/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm

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The owning of this artwork grants no rights to reproduce licence or print for commercial purposes. The right grated is to display within your own home and to re sell, just like with a physical work of art.

Own this work below; the auction will run for one month after which the work will be priced at 2,000 GBP. The two physical editions of this work each sold for 2,500 GBP.