General FAQs

How is a digital collatable made and where does it lay

The Blockchain art exchange is simply put a place where artists can make unique ‘digital prints’ from any artwork, be it; video art, paintings, digital photography, jewellery designs, graphic designs, 3d renderings or scans, fashion designs or VR experiences if its artistic we want it.  On the site we call our product crypto collectables but the best way to think of them is unique digital prints.

Blockchain technology has the power to make digital files, which includes images and videos, unique, trackable and tradable. This opens up a new form of art trading and exchange and creates a new way for artists to sell their work.

We use Ethereum blockchain as it is the first smart contract blockchain, having been proved longevity and already has many Apps running on it.

It’s a fancy technical name for the artworks/tokens on our site and how they relate to the blockchain. I won’t bore you with the details but if you’re interested in learning more head to their site

The same reason people buy physical art, it’s a unique collectable and they appreciate the artwork. An example of these people is found in crypto kitties where blockchain cats sell for over 100k pretty often.

During our beta/early access phase you will only be able to view artworks at a smaller capacity, videos will not be able to be played during this phase also.

But once the Beta /early access phase is over, we plan to create an B.A.E app compatible with all smart TVs, computers and smart phones, so you can view all mediums of artwork purchased and sold on the B.A.E platform.

First things first, you will need an Ethereum wallet (this is so you can get paid for the sale of your artworks), the best one to use is meta mask which is a great google chrome plugin and can be found here (make sure to write down your provided recovery phrase somewhere safe).

After you have your wallet send us an email with a short artists bio, a photo of yourself for your profile page and the files that you wish to be sold on the B.A.E to

For the files being submitted please title them as follows – Artist name/date of creation/artwork title.

For pricing, If you have sold more than 5 artworks as an artist, please provide a price for each artwork.
We suggest artworks are priced between that of the original and that of an edition print run.
Unless in the case of video art and this will be the original and thus you price accordingly.
If you have not sold more than 5, your work will be priced objectively by the Bailey standard (once you sell five artworks you then price the artwork yourself).

*When submitting photographs of physical works such as paintings please note that two photos will need to be submitted per artwork, one that will be created into the digital collectable, the other will be an exact copy of this photos in terms of set up, positioning and lighting etc, but this photo will have a colour reference, example in the form of a grey card.
The grey card colour metric/make will need to be added to the email also so we know which card you have used.
(What is a grey card? A grey card is a card of a specific type of grey which is universal in its colour metrics and so we can check the photo for true colour representation).

If you take your artworks to be photographed at a studio they should have their own grey cards as they are used for white balance check, they will be able to happily add a grey card to one of the artworks corners for the photos.

Digital photography, video artwork, digital illustration, scans of artworks (drawings etc) digital creations DO NOT need a grey card, it is only photographs of a physical artwork.

The gradins shown on each artwork reflect important objective information about the quality of the file. Depending on the type of file uploaded the grades reflex different qualities Why do we do this? We believe that an investment should last forever and be future proof these gradings work to ensure that the buyer is fully aware of what they are buying.

It’s worth noting we are very harsh on our grading jpegs will score a D in file format and PPI of 300 is also a D which most artists would say is standard. We only give the best of the best an A grade.

Yes, we are going to make sure we are listed on and compatible with other Ethereum non-fungible exchanges, you will also be able to trade artwork peer to peer with anyone with an Ethereum ERC-721 compatible wallet.

IAO Questions

At the moment you can only order art form our IAO page on this page you can pay in most crypto currency and all fiat (normal money) you will still have to provide us with an Ethereum address, so we can send your artwork to you.

You can pre-purchase artworks before the public launch of the platform in December, but you won’t receive your new artwork right away. The artworks will be sent to you on the launch of our beta platform which is currently set for December the 15th.

So, you can snap up an artwork before anyone else and be able to sell your artwork at a competitive price at launch. You’ll be able to sell your work at the same time as the first artists on the platform.

Have Any Questions

If you have any questions or need some more help please email us.