The Blockchain Art Exchange Telegram group is the meeting point for all Blockchain Art Exchange community members and followers to discuss the Blockchain Art Exchange proposition, comment on updates, news and future developments as well as to have direct contact with the Blockchain Art Exchange core team to address constructive criticism, questions and concerns.


In the interest of keeping the Blockchain Art Exchange Telegram group a safe and pleasant place to share information, ideas, opinions and questions about Blockchain Art Exchange, we drafted a series of rules, which we would appreciate if are followed and complied with.

Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding.





Keep it civil
We don’t tolerate the use of insults or abusive language. Respect all members and the Admins. We do not accept personal accusations to members of the group or to the Blockchain Art Exchange staff.

English only
For enquiries in other languages please contact our Admins or our support team, we will do our best to help you.

No Trading Conversation
Please let’s keep the conversation around the Blockchain Art Exchange project, the Identity wallet and any digital identity or KYC related matter. Discussions about token price, exchanges and any other trading matter are not allowed.

Keep the conversation around Blockchain Art Exchange
We conceive this group as a constructive place, we expect members to contribute in that sense. Constructive criticism is welcome but not negativity.

No spam
This includes posting of any content or action repeatedly such as text and posting of multiple images, gifs, audio, or stickers in succession.

Restricted content
The following content isn’t allowed:
Publicity about other projects or websites
Fraudulent content
Adult content

Any accusation or affirmation with poor arguments to spread FUD will be eliminated. We accept criticism, if it is constructive and with arguments.



Violation of any of the above will result in one warning. 3 subsequent warnings will result in an indefinite ban/restriction from the group.

Thank you for your understanding.