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It is no secret that the current art world has lost all credibility to those viewing it from an outsider perspective. It exists simply to confuse. Thanks to the growth of conceptual art, art has become more of a wealth redistribution system than an actual industry. The only place that real quality art is sold is in auction houses as these historic artifacts won’t lose value. The rest of the industry is suffering from fatigue, Pop art is repetitive granted that’s the point but that doesn’t make it any less boring.

Art has been deconstructed down to the point of placing rocks in boxes. Art is no longer about the message, the beauty or even uplifting the viewer to a higher state of being as it once was and did.

Believe it or not art wasn’t always like this. Art used to be created from hope and aspiration to the divine literally or otherwise.

The BAE team attended student shows, gallery openings and pop ups year after year seeing the same thing. Focusing on the conceptual; the concept normally being one of guilt for some historic sin of any given oppressor, that or as mentioned above meaningless pop art.

But then we discovered something amazing, a new art movement growing. Yet in its infancy with prominent artists leading the charge but this movement the focus is not guilt or conceptual to the extreme so it ends up becoming meaningless.

“Crypto art”

Open invitation – Vesa 

This movement is a celebration of human aspiration and the chance to change the world. Driven by a group of artists with the same ideals. At the forefront of this movement of crypto and digital art is Vesa. Vesa’s work encapsulates the movement and the zeitgeist of crypto hope, innovation and most importantly the uplifting of the soul though the use of his visionary style art.

This week Vesa will be releasing his first ever .Gif artwork here on the blockchain art exchange. the works will all be unique but in a series of 30 or XXX but more on that another time. At 1.5 Ethereum this is truly an amazing opportunity to own a digital artwork from one of the iconic pioneers of Cryptoart. Check out all his work and going ones here Art For Crypto

Vesa’s work featured in Forbes

Vesa on stage at world crypto con 

Before the launch of Vesa’s Gif work we caught up with him to ask a few questions;

Your work has deep meanings and also captures the beauty at the same time, is it hard to balance these two aspects?

My true joy was discovering audiobooks around 2003 after my formal education was over. They brought me into the worlds of Ken Wilber, Wayne Dyer, David DeAngelo, Richard Bandler, and many others at a crucial time of early 20’s thought development. Through Ken’s integral theory, experiences, and NLP, my worldview had already taken some shape and direction before merging with the art world. Bizarrely, what was and still is actually difficult, is to get the art world to embrace a constructive point of view. To illustrate the point, I humbly submit this quote by the head curator of the Integral Institute:

“Vesa’s art is amongst the most integrally advanced in the history of Western abstraction – no small claim, but one backed up by the works themselves. Rather than abstraction as a fleeing from life, his works are a diving into the incarnate mystery of human being — direct celebrations of the fullness of Life.”

— Michael Schwartz, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University, March 2014


The purge 


What is the process of creation for your body painted works?

Is it to make organically sweetened lemonade out of the sour deal most of us get with life. Bitterness, resentment, and hopelessness are rabbit holes we all can fall into. The works are portals to realms beyond anxiety and the  mundane. The bodypaint process and the stories told through the works are pursuits of multi-level meaning. In some sense, they are maps that capture transcendence, beauty, courage, our struggle with demons and fears. They are a return to the values of where I feel the real worth of art emanates from.

Why are you an artist?

Childhood traumas played a significant part, but also I was born one. I came alive through music, movement, and watching films as far as I can recall. As a five-year-old, I turned my parent’s pots, pans, and wooden spatulas into a drumkit. Somewhere along the line, the escapism from real-life nightmares turned to the pursuit of being able to confront and manage reality. The form, whether it was music, film, photography or fine art never much mattered to me. It was always about the joy experienced while creating; ideas taking form and going through the trouble of learning what they take to manifest.


What do you want people to feel after viewing your work?

After hearing about the nude bodypainting aspect, some might be disappointed that they can’t seem to masturbate to them. Some study them for long periods for multi-level sustenance. I try and include something in them for most people. From the clearly defined to the abstract, from depth to surface level. We clearly have a hunger for long-form complex substance, as illustrated by the epic storylines in some TV series and the intellectual dark web. However, we are no longer used to looking for this kind of depth from art. My work is part of the move back towards the re-discovery.

What inspired your gif series launching this week? 

My topics often emerge out of frustration with the status quo – the lemonade process. The emerging new tech art collectors seek novelty and are new to neon. Instagram is now the most significant art gallery in the world, and we dopamine scroll fast. The live neon frame on erotic but mood-wise very differently shot images of beauty invite to look at still images longer. The frame acknowledges the now, honors the past and gives permission to take your time. It’s called the Roman XXX series for the brutal beauty of that statuesque era to crossing the modern context of avalanche porn comfortably together with the new puritanical safe space class.


Technically, you can collect them as limited to 30 editions, which allows my past ten years of digital work to become of value now via blockchain solutions. In many ways, they will define this period of time. Those works usually have a future. Own this work HERE

Roman XXX Series I_XXX Own here 

Are there any other projects you would like to mentio

Too many to mention but the focus is on the up-and-coming Art For Crypto releases and a VR project. I’m waiting for the real hardcore fans to of this to emerge. Those who get it, and see the 20-year effort and contribution thus far. Despite having reached hundreds of millions previously with the Veena Malik Project and changing the global culture, none of the formal support structures intended for art in grants, museums or patrons have emerged to help. The LUX film and art piece took three self-funded years to become a reality. The direction is finally in my favor, though. The tech and awareness are shifting the art culture from the ground up.  Essentially, I could fill up a big museum with quality works, but require some 5-star generals to emerge to fight on behalf of, not only the works but the constructive upward spiral of art.

Flower of life


press from the project 

Shots from the LUX film and art piece

What direction do you think the art world needs to take to prevent it from fading out of relevance 

We need a rebellion to replace the current poser one. The rising art is about putting things together, instead of picking them further apart. My whole adult life, at 40,  has gone into being prepared for this shift and bringing it about. Via some crypto solutions, I can now monetize a decade of work bound for re-evaluation. The art world, as we know now it, is at the bottom of its downward spiral. From here it might try to swing up, but I fear it is ill-equipped to adjust to the tide in time. The direction is not dissolving the past 100 years, but embracing integral thinking. As you mention, the deconstruction has been done to molecular dust now, so we need people brave enough to take on the staggering corruption. We need people who don’t give a fuck about appearing cool through lack of enthusiasm and nihilism.

What’s wrong with rocks in a box as art?

The story of Jesus and the money lenders comes to mind.


Own Vesa’s Digital NFT work HERE